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Do you provide free estimates/measuring?

Yes! We offer a free, no obligation home estimate and measuring service. Book an appointment with Peter for a suitable time and day.

How long will my order take?

It typically takes 7-14 days from order to installation, we can sometimes complete it in as little as 48hrs, subject to availability. We will always keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Will you dispose of my old carpet?

Yes we offer an uplift and disposal service if required.

Can you help me move my furniture?

Yes we offer a service to help move furniture if required.

Do you have a supply only service?

Yes we can provide any of our products on a supply only basis and deliver directly to you.

What width does carpet come in?

A standard width carpet is 4m although many are now also available in a 5m width.

What if I need a join in my carpet?

As part of your home visit and estimate, we will advise if a join is necessary and discuss the best way to ensure the join is positioned most suitably.

Will there be a difference between carpet batches?

Yes there will be a slight difference between batches, however we always look to ensure that an order is completed from the same batch wherever possible. If it was not possible, we will discuss this with you and explain all the options available before ordering.

Will the pile run the same way in every room?

Where possible we look to run the pile in the same direction, however this is not always practical, cost effective or the right thing to do depending on the room layouts. We will discuss all options and give you our professional advice before you place your order.

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